Check out these expert tips for refinishing kitchen cabinets from the ReFinish with ReStore event. Nicholas McCarty demonstrates unique finishes and techniques for your DIY kitchen makeover in the videos below.

1. Make sure your surface is clean and dry! Use Dawn dish soap and water.

2. Give the surface ‘tooth’ with fine sandpaper (220 grit). Sanding sponges work great.

3. Just ask! Some paint stores will provide you with tint to create your own paint or glaze color.

4. Test your desired finish. Use an old cabinet door to practice achieving the look you want.

5. Afraid you’ve gone past the point of no return? Denatured alcohol makes a great acrylic paint stripper.

6. Chalk paint is a very versatile product. For a unique look, brush paint on and wipe it off with a dry or wet cloth depending on desired finish.

7. Want to add some color? Create your desired color by adding tint to white chalk paint or buying a color chalk paint. McCarty uses a blue color he created to accent a cabinet panel in this video:

Blue Accent: Blue paint on White or Oak Cabinet Door

8. Use a glaze instead of chalk paint for a transparent finish. Faux Like A Pro is the brand of glaze McCarty recommends; a little goes a long way.

9. McCarty adds an espresso tint to the clear glaze then demonstrates an overglaze finish in this video:

10. Don’t try to make it perfect. The crowd was blown away when McCarty created a faux wood grain finish with a few quick brush strokes. Check it out here:

Faux Wood Grain Finish: Espresso Glaze on White Cabinet Door


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